Monday, July 29, 2013

Giving It All Away

Brand development is like a farm pasture—a big field with lots of bullshit.

Why? Two reasons:

First, there's no universal set of definitions. Positioning? Value proposition? Brand architecture? They mean different things to different people.

Second, anyone with enough chutzpah can proclaim himself a "branding expert."  

So it's not surprising that everyone in the business routinely accuses everyone else in the business of bullshit.

Here is a chart about branding from a Famous Business School.

Do you understand it? Neither do we—and we promise not to
burden you with anything like it.
But this isn't to say branding is bullshit. No, no, no—on the contrary, research proves branding matters a great deal. (Take for example the famous Stanford study in which children thought chicken nuggets tasted better simply because they came in McDonald's packaging.)

But with all the noise (and stink) out there, where do you start?

Right here.

Our new Brandiloquence blog is where you can learn everything we know about the brand development process—expertise acquired by working with many, many brands, large and small, over nearly three decades. Practical, clear, useful, commonsense know-how.

We will show in the months ahead you how to do brand development right.

In this space we are going to give away all our secrets. In the posts to come, you'll acquire a set of useful definitions and learn proven processes. You'll be able to approach your branding objectives with clarity.

I can't tell you other approaches don't work. But I can tell you that ours does, and if you stick with us, you can make it work for you.

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